Daniels Fund Announces New Scholars at the House

Phoenix was involved in the process of aiding to select the 2013 Daniels Fund Scholarship recipients and present as some received the announcement of the great news. Out of over 3,000 applicants only 250 were chosen and about 30 of them learned about the fact that they would be receiving the scholarship while participating in a routine house of representatives visit at the state capital. It was a heart wrenching response when the bill was passed and the announcement was made! Being a 2004 scholar herself, Phoenix knows the emotions and thoughts that run through the minds of the students to know that their worries about how to pay for college are now over. They would be receiving a last dollar scholarship and would be apart of an elite group of individuals who have been graced with this scholarship for a little over a decade.

“I was so teary eyed when they made the announcement, didn’t make sense to cry so much, its not like I was winning it again, but it felt like it since I was apart of the process this year.” – Phoenix

Phoenix also received  a monument from the Daniels Fund while being on temporary staff their for her contributions to the long and arduous, but fulfilling process of selecting this year’s Daniels Scholars.


More information can be seen here…


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